Who are the Indigo Children?

Who are Indigo Children?  What are they about?  What is their purpose?  It’s important to understand who these children are because the generation that is coming of age right now is made up of many Indigo Children and these children and young adults will shape our future to come.

The term Indigo Child is attributed to Nancy Ann Tappe, who was a teacher and a counselor.  She studied the human auric field, which surrounds every living thing, and discovered that up to 80% of the children born after 1980 had a new indigo colored auric field that had never been seen before.  She saw the behaviors that were specific to these Indigo Children and was able to see that these children were special.

Indigo Children have come at this time for a very specific reason and it is important that these children are recognized so that their full potential can be realized.  Indigo Children are here to help transition to the new world age and prepare for the next Great Cycle change.  They are here to show us that we are not treating our earth as we should and we are not working together as a human society to live our best lives.

There are some very specific behaviors that Indigo Children display.

  1. They have an innate feeling of specialness.
  2. They are very self-confident.
  3. They feel misunderstood many times and will withdraw, unless around other Indigo Children.
  4. It is a high priority to them that their personal needs are met.
  5. It is difficult for them to follow hard and fast rules, they need choices and input.

These are just a few of the many traits that Indigo Children possess.  We have an even more in depth description on our website:  www.astrologyandcrystals.com.

Do you feel like you have a child that fits this description?  Do you feel that you fit this description?  I can help you channel these traits into a meaningful path that will help you feel fulfilled and support your path.  Visit our website at www.astrologyandcrystals.com to learn more and to arrange a meeting with me so I can help you on your path.


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